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Coir Bales (25kg)

Softly compressed Coconut Coir in a 25 kg package.

Coir Bales (25kg) Description

Coir Bales contains 25 kg of softly compressed (compression ratio 2:1) coco coir which easily hand breakable can be mixed with soil according to your exact requirement of moisture and air porosity. It is widely use for seed raising, Golf courses, potting mixes, Horse Stables, landscaping and as a soil conditioner.

Bale dimensions :

Coconut husk chips mulching special grade is a mixture of different chip sizes rangling from 1mm - 12mm and is ideal for Orchid cultivation.

Bale dimensions :
Available Types: Unwashed.
pH level: 5.4 - 6.8 pH units
Air fill porosity (%):
EC level: < 1.0mS/cm [1:5 (v/v) extract with water]
Water holding capacity (%):
Moisture (%): 40
Breakout volume: 225 liters per bale.
Calcium level: [)].
Packing: In printed or unprinted ploy bags.
Load-ability: 650 units per 40 feet HC (high cube container) approx.
Unit Dimension:
Compression Ratio:
Unit Weight: 25kg & 500g (Dry weight)

Note : If palleted 28 units per pallet 20 pallets 560 units per 40 feet HC (high cube container).

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