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Coir Fibers

The 100% natural fibers for brushes.

Coir Fibers Description

Coir Fibers are the only natural fibers which resistant to salt water. Coir Fibers are Ideal for making brushes, brooms etc. Also used for potting mixtures and as a soil conditioner too. Specially made for Commercial growing.

Ideal for growing :

Tomato, Bell Pepper, Cucumber, Salads etc.

Available Sizes :
Available Types: Washed/ Treated/ Unwashed.
pH level: 5.4 - 6.8 pH units
Air fill porosity (%):
EC level: 0.2mS/cm - 1.0mS/cm [1:5 (v/v) extract with water]
Water holding capacity (%):
Moisture (%):
Breakout volume: 70 liters per bale.
Calcium level: 4.0 – 6.0 m mol/l [1: 1, 5 (v/v) extract with barium chloride (BaCl2)]. Very low Chlorides, Sodium, Magnesium levels.
Packing: Individually Shrink wrapped briquettes are also available.
Load-ability: 256 units per pallet, pallet 20 , 5120 units per 40 feet HC (high cube container) approx.
Unit Dimension:
Compression Ratio:
Unit Weight: 5 kg (Dry weight)

Note : A compressed 5kg coir bale once soaked in water, it expands up to 6 times of the original size.

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