Sant Anthonio Coir Products


The features of Coco-peat are at a glance and why should we use it to grow

100% organic

Excellent Absorbant

pH 5.4 - 6.8 range

Substitute for

Subfertility Soil


hand coir

100% recyclable

Eco Friendly

Improves the Quality

of crops.

Increases the Harvest

And much more!


Who we are

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Sant Anthonio Coir Products” is funded in 2009 as a family run business. We are striving to produce the best quality coir to the horticulture & hydroponic industries around the world. We work closely with some of the largest growing media producers and some of the leading growers in commercial horticulture. As a result, it has given us an in depth knowledge of how our products should be manufactured to the highest qualities. This unique opportunity has given us a leading edge among coir producers and has ensured the dynamic growth of our company.

Why us

Why should you choose us for your growing needs?

A 'Good Manufacturing Practices' (SLS1487:2014) certified company



We use stringent quality control procedures and do regularly tests in our laboratory to ensure that the pH and all elements are suitable for planting the particular crop.



We have been producing coir products over 6 years and we have been able to export over 800 orders. So there is no doubt in our experience.


On Time Shipping

We work hard to export every order at the right time that it should to be. So you don’t have to worry about the on-time Shipping.


Dedicated support

We believe, customers are the major part of our business. So we are always ready to give our support to our value customers, before & after sales.

Manufacturing of Coir Fibre Pith Substrate

Take a closer look into our production process


Meet the Management Team


“Our goal is to become a global leader and innovator in manufacturing our products. I am ultimately responsible for taking managerial decisions for the day to day operations of the company including organizing and controlling operations, managing financial affairs, enhancing production processes by providing safe working environment and developing operational strategies. My aim is creating harmless production environment by adopting sustainable manufacturing process.”

- Nilanga Fernando
Managing Director


“After 8 years of working abroad, I returned to my motherland. My father has asked me to join with his new business. So I joined, and now I'm trying to enhance it's operational volume with the help of my working experience in overseas in addition with the new technology.”

- L. A. Nisansala Sudarshani
Chief Executive Officer


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Thummodara Road, Bathalahena, Lunuwila. Sri Lanka.

+94 77 167 5348