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Coco Chips

Learn more about the features of Coco-peat and why should we use it.

Coco Chips Description

Coco Chips are cut pieces of Coconut husks. It can be used as a good bedding ground in a terrarium and widely used in modern horticultural applications. Specially made for Commercial growing.

Features :

  • Coconut husk chips have a huge water holding capacity.
  • Coco chips absorb water into its pores upto 9 times of it's weight.
  • Cheaper than bark.
  • A superior alternative to the bark based growing medium.
  • It has an excellent drainage & nutrient holding capacity.
  • Can be supplied in loose form and compressed form.

Available Grades :

Coconut husk chips mulching special grade is a mixture of different chip sizes rangling from 1mm - 12mm and is ideal for Orchid cultivation.

Other grades available:
S(Small)  10 - 12 mm cubes
SS(Super Small)  6 - 8 mm cubes
SSS(Superior Super Small)  1 - 5 mm cubes
Available Types: Washed/ Treated/ Unwashed.
pH level: 5.4 - 6.8 pH units
Air fill porosity (%): 40 – 58
EC level: 0.3 - 1.5mS/cm [1:5 (v/v) extract with water]
Water holding capacity (%): 30 - 60
Moisture (%): 10 - 20
volume: 60 - 65 liters (uncompressed)
Calcium level: 4.0 – 6.0 m mol/l [1: 1, 5 (v/v) extract with barium chloride (BaCl2)]. Very low Chlorides, Sodium, Magnesium levels.
Packing: Individually Shrink wrapped bales are also available.
Load-ability: 240 units per pallet, pallet 20, 4800 units per 40 feet HC (high cube container) approx.
Unit Dimension: 30 x 30 x 15 cm
Compression Ratio: 5:1
Unit Weight: 4.5 kg (Dry weight)

Note : A compressed 4.5kg coco chips bale once soaked in water, it expands up to 6 times of the original size.

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