Sant Anthonio Coir Products

Gerbera Coir Disks

The specially blended coco mixture for Gerbera Flowers.

Gerbera Coir Disks Description

These coir disks are specially made for grow "Gerbera" Flowers. Easy to use for both Commercial and household growing.

Disk dimensions :

  • Diameter - 12cm
  • Thickness - 2.5- 3.5cm
Available Types: Treated, Washed or Unwashed.
pH level: 5.4 - 6.8 pH units
EC level: 0.2ms/cm - 1.0ms/cm [1:5 (v/v) extract with water] Can be supplied to suit 4 - 11 liters volume pots. Can be supplied to suit 4 - 11 liters volume pots.
Moisture (%): 15% – 20%
Packing: Individually Shrink wrapped disks are also available.
Load-ability: 750 units per pallet, pallet 48 , 36000 units per 40 feet HC (high cube container) approx.
Unit Weight: 350-650g (Dry weight)

Note : A compressed coir disk once soaked in water, it expands up to 6 times of the original size.

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